Food safety and cereal quality

Food safety is currently a demand of today's consumers as well as an imperative to open new markets. From the laboratory services of PCTAD we can help you to comply these requirements and carry out shelf life studies which are of great use in food and agricultural products. Moreover, this laboratory has the necessary equipment to carry out the cereal-specific quality analysis.

Services we offer
  • Food Safety
    • Food safety (chemical contaminants)
    • Food safety (biological contaminants)
    • Different customised analytical techniques at the customer's request.
  • Shelf–life of food
    •  Validation of food preservation and hygienisation methods.
    • Studies of the self-life of food
      • Determination of chemical, physical or micro-biological self-life limiting factors.
      • Simulation of marketing, export and a accelerated learning programmes
    • Determination of the antimicrobial capacity
  • Cereal quality
    • Cereal cleanness, packaging and milling.
    • Ground common grain: Determination of humidity, gluten, specific weight and protein by NIR, weight of one thousand grains, % of impurities.
    • Durum grain wheat: Determination of humidity, gluten, specific weight and protein by NIR, Weight of one thousand grains, % of impurities and vitreousness.
    • Soft wheat flour: Alveogram (Strength (W), Extensibility (L) and Balance (P/L)), Gluten extraction, Hagberg falling number, Zeleny index.
    • Flour and durum wheat semolina: Yellow index, sedimentation index (SDS), Gluten extraction, Hagberg falling number.
    • Barley: Beta-glucan determinations.
Equipment available

General equipment

  • High-performance liquid chromatography with triple quadruple mass spectometer (UPLC-TQD). Waters, ACQUITY
  • ICP Optic Emission Spectrophotometer. Horiba Yobin ibon model Activa M
  •  High-performance liquid chromatography system (UPLC) with fluorescence Detector detectors (FLD), Diode detectors (PDA), Refractive Index Detector (IR). Waters.
  • Gas chromatography with flame-ionization detector and automatic injection system (GC//FID). Agilent, Model FID 7890A
  • Climatic chambers KBF 240 (Binder)
  • Photochem (Inycom)
  • Microwaves (ETHOS)
  • Labmaster-aw measuring device, Novasina
  • Additional equipment to prepare samples and for conservation: Analytical balances, centrifuges, pH meters, refrigerators...

Specific equipment SACC

  • Sample cleaner and separator
  • Automatic equipment to determine wet gluten, dry gluten and gluten index.
  • Electronic seed counter, for weight test of 1000 grains.
  • Wheat / flour homogenizer
  • Chopin alveograph with alveolink
  • NIR analyser for protein, humidity, gluten, Zeleny, water absorption, starch, hardness, fat, etc.
  • Experimental Chopin and Perten mills
  • Chopin alveograph
  • Automatic determination of falling number
  • Grobecker grain cutter
  • Laboratory mill
Projects I+D+i
  • Improvement of the quality durum wheat and common wheat for human consumption

    Tender: INNPACTO 2010

    Participants: Arento, Genética and Gestión, PCTAD

  • OPTIMNUTS: Sugar-coated chocolate and dried fruit with long self-life suitable for Asian markets

    Tender: INNPACTO 2011

    Participants: Grupo Chocolates Lacasa, PCTAD

  • Evaluation and control of the risk of toxoplasma gondii in ham and development of fast methods for the analysis of listeria monocytogenes

    Sub-contracting of the PCTAD through UNIZAR.

    Project approved in tender INNPACTO 2012

Research Groups and Strategic Alliances

  • Food Quality and Safety CITA

  • Consolidated Research Group "Analysis and Evaluation of Food Safety"


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